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Q: I have locked my keys in the car!
A: We can gain access to any vehicle without causing damage to the lock or having the need to smash a window. We do so by using specialist lockpicks to enter the vehicle causing no damage to the lock and also to the body of the car.
Q: I want a new key, does this key need programming to the car?
A: In 1995 car manufacturers started installing transponders into the key’s plastic mould which is uniquely coded for each vehicle. When creating a new key the new key’s transponder has to be coded into the vehicle to ensure that it can start it.
Q: I have lost one of my car keys, what should I do next?
A: What we will do at In-4u to ensure your lost keys cant be used with your vehicle is delete the lost key(s) from the vehicle so they cannot be used to start your vehicle. We will then code the replacement keys to your vehicle so they will be the only ones able to start the car.
Q: I have a different key for my ignition and another for my car door?
A: In-4u can modify your existing locks so that one key fits all. So don’t carry more keys than you need to.
Q: I have broken my key and I have no spare. Can you still cut me a new key?
A: If you still have both pieces of the key then yes most likely we can cut you a key. Just bring the key to us or call and we can come to you to cut a new one.
Q: Renault dealers have told me it will take 7-14 days to get a new key-card. Is there a quicker way?
A: Yes there is a quicker way. We can code a new key-card to the vehicle the same day. We carry the genuine key-cards in stock so can have a new key for you the same day. Renault dealers have to apply for a new key-card from Renault headquarters - we don’t.
Q: My key does not go into the ignition barrel anymore. Can this be fixed?
A: Yes this can be fixed. This is a common fault on certain models of Peugeot. We can either repair or, as a last resort, replace the ignition barrel without you having to pay dealer prices for key components.
Q: What do I need to order a new key?
A: To order a new key you will need the car make and model, the registration plate, VIN number and if applicable the vehicle codes.

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